Standards Of Quallity Of Ganoderma

DXN Organic 100% Pure Ganoderma:
up to 400 Nutrients

Does all ganoderma       
have the same standard of quality? 
How to use ganoderma..
The quality of Ganoderma available on the market today differs and it depends where and by whom it is sold. The price is a definite indicator of the quality.
Good quality ganoderma should contain all the nutrients listed in the picture. 
Some manufactures grow their own Ganoderma under the strictest of conditions.
The mushrooms is grown to the exact timing of growth, so to capture the most of it's nutrients. The humidity and temperature of the farming environment is kept to the strictest guidelines. The processing is very complex, using expensive equipment in huge sterile laboratories, with workers wearing sterile suits and masks. Some companies grown their ganoderma organically, without the use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, additives or fillers. When purchasing Ganoderma look out for the description "Organic" and 100% Pure.

Organic Ganoderma is grown and processed without the use of any chemicals, hormones or preservatives. 100% Pure means that it is pure Ganoderma without any fillers and binders.
When buying Ganoderma in a capsule form, it is easy to test it. Simply by opening up the capsule and tasting it. It should be well grained to a fine powder, and it should have a fairly strong taste.
Some companies sell ganoderma at cheaper prices. The price is a definite indicator of the quality of the final product. If it is cheap, it indicates, that it is not the best quality and it does not contain the maximum amount of nutrients and it's maximum count. The cheap ganoderma is not grown in a strict, controlled environment. It's picked in the woods, at any stage of growth. When ganoderma is overgrown, it becomes very hard and leathery. This indicates low grade quality and small amount of nutrients. When capsules are open, the product is not finely grained, it's very lumpy. When trying to taste it, there are pieces which feel and taste like leather, and they can not be chewed. The taste in comparison to better quality product is at least half less stronger.
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There is lots of advise on how to use Ganoderma. Some advise to boil the mushroom, if one has got the mushroom, for an ex amount of time. However, to boil Ganoderma or to mix it with hot water is not recommended.
We know now, that to overcook or over boil vegetables is not a good idea. By doing so we kill lots of the nutrients and goodness they contain. Anything cooked over 60°C (degrees Celsius) = 140°F (degrees Fahrenheit), is destroying the nutrients and enzymes in the food. Even lower temperatures are detrimental to the quality of cooked vegetables. Additionally, the longer they are cooked the less nutrients they will retain.
Ganoderma is a food, a mushroom, so the same rule applies.

Ultimately, how to use ganoderma is an individual preference and decision.



Science is investigating the ever growing interest in Ganoderma. The ancient Chinese mushroom, hailed as the elixir of immortality is getting lots of attention from the scientific world, who is studying the medicinal properties of Ganoderma Lucidum. Is the popular Wonder herb the answer to many medical health problems.  click to watch  VIDEO