21st century is seeing humanity into the new millennium. The trends and concepts of traditional economies and industries run in parallel with an unprecedented global expansion in population, new economies, new industries. These factors are propelled by evolving new technologies. It has taken humanity a two millennium to arrive at this point..
Traditional ways of living, in a broad sense, are as relative as Einstein's theory of relativity to the order of things on the global scale... chaos theory in a microcosm. Although it can be summarized under the microscope of “change”.
So to have changed the natural consumption trends, and although, it is almost unnoticeable to everyday sight, great companies can manipulate the market and dictate the consumption behavior.
Humanity has a very competitive edge. This is the driving force of our growth and expansion, of revolutions and evolutions. With today's technologies we can shape or break what's old or what's new. Competition is a huge factor of our phenomenal growth. Humanity competes every moment of it's existence and the bottom line is: “what's in it for me ?” How will “I” benefit, with the “I” standing for “me, myself”, “my family”, “my club”, “my company”, “my group”, “my nation”, my world”. 
Just a “good” product, service, or information is not good enough any longer. Competition has created thousands of “good” things. “Maximum benefit” is the key feature of competition! “What's in it for me” !
With branding and lots of “good/great” “things” available, we are seeing the growing emergence of companies, who are choosing to sell their “great things” directly to the consumer. Competition along with technology has created the need for “the best” with “maximum benefit” in every aspect: health, knowledge, financial, availability, scarcity, trends..
Emma and Dom: DXN power couple
This is seeing humanity into the exceptional growth of “Direct Selling” and the emergence of new brands and new companies who are finding their target audience: the consumer directly in their own home. With fierce competition, these companies need to keep on improving their “best thing” and to retain their consumer. Logically, they go a step further, they induce the “network marketing”, “structure marketing”, “multi level marketing” or “MLM” component. This compounds the “Maximum benefit” factor by creating an opportunity, not only for the consumer, but further to the company itself.. hence, creating a mutual and increased benefit for both parties.  Logically, “Direct Selling” on it's own or combined with the “MLM” component is a natural economic occurrence. Predictably, this trend, which is not a trend any longer, is here to stay. 
 It's evident, that “Direct Selling” and “Multi level Marketing” with it's exponential growth it's an order of today's economy. Logically, “direct selling” and “mlm” is not only surviving, but thriving, especially in a tough economic climate. Big and small fortunes were and are being made since it's humble beginnings several decades ago. For many, it is a great tool to make their own fortune, however great or small it may be.. it's a great tool to create ones own financial independence or fortune.  
Current global economics are  providing fuel to  the growth of business generated from a residual income, which is primarily from multi level marketing companies. DXN is one great example of a prosperous, expending MLM company, providing a generous and flexible marketing plan. With millions of members worldwide, it is a good company to anchor with and enjoy the benefits of residual and willable income.

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