Home Based Business for Mums, Internet Marketing with Ganoderma

Little Amy's mum Kylie absolutely loves my team and the business. She is able to have the freedom and time to devote it to her family, as well as being happy building her growing business. She is also enjoying a better health and vitality after having her first baby.
If you are a mum who is looking for a Home Based Business, my DXN business is just for you. There are number of things, which make it especially appealing business.
 1. Start being healthy first: add quality to your health and life.

2. Start earning an extra income, build your business and allow your income to compound.
3. Dictate your own pace..You can work it as slow, or as fast as you are able and or willing to apply . Our company has designed an easy to apply business plan.
4. Very low start up cost.. a Lifetime Membership at AUD $27.50 (including size A4 business pack and ganoderma toothpaste = "basic start up package", and Free Website). With that you will receive your own website at no extra cost (this package does not give you points). You start getting points with the next purchase from here on.. You need 1 purchase per year to continue your membership for the next year, and so on
5. As a Lifetime Member you save up to 25% on your shopping
6. There is no monthly minimums to buy, with every next purchase you start earning points. These points never expire, and they build up over time, qualifying you for higher status and higher income. You only will need to qualify, once you build up your business and organization to the point of earning you a hefty bonus commissions
7. As a Business Builder you may sell products at Retail price making profit of around 25%. In reallity the 25% compounds to a higher rate, as your accumulated bonus points earn higher % bonus on several levels of your organisation
8. Your business is a Global business, giving you huge advantage in the 21st century economy.Take a tour of my Website and the Marketing Plan
9. Receive training from myself, my business partners and the team, as well as our company.. You are in business for yourself, but certainly not by yourself. Let me help you every step of the way to build your business
10. You will have access to a second website to sell ganoderma products online at Retail (this free website is optional)
11. Our company allows to build your presence on the Internet.. with my support and training, you don't have to be an Internet Guru

There is no other business like DXN business. This business will transform your life. Start building your Residual income today. To join my Team link

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