Three Stages of Becoming Toxic
1. As toxins enter the body, they use various pathways – the digestive tract (eating, drinking), the respiratory tract (breathing) or the skin (absorption). This may be accompanied by symptoms of pain, irritation, or discoloration - depending on the type of toxin.
 2. If not discharged, they pass into the Matrix, the fluid-gel network of nerves, fibres and tissues in which the cells of the body reside. The presence of toxins in the Matrix can result in symptoms of tiredness, irritability, mood, headache, insomnia, nausea and many other symptoms. These symptoms may also be deceptively mild.
3. Again, if not discharged, the toxins will then pass into the cells, building up until the cells can no longer function properly. The process of cell occupation will often cause pain from the surrounding nerves.
Your body is trying to warn you of the danger. Don’t just dull the pain with medication - find the reason for it!
  “The amount of nutrients consumed is not related to the actual ‘disease’. ”
 We do not need to relate the amount of nutrients consumed to the specific symptoms of the “disease”. Rather the body can take care of its problems, with the assistance of the nutrients. Consuming more of them simply provides more assistance. You are able to manage this by observing your own body, and its symptoms. Only you know just how you feel.
  Once you have found the level of nutrients that helps your body to improve its health, then you can reduce to the level that helps your body maintain its health. We all have health problems, even if it is just staying healthy. Consuming nutritious food and helpful supplements offers a solution.
   Nutritional Theories:
Why is it that snakes can swallow and digest animals whole? How can a killer whale swallow and digest a whole seal? Why do humans have so much trouble with digestion, when the human digestive juices are stronger than the snake or the whale? The answer is that we humans are eating far too much cooked and processed foods. The animals eat raw food, which has enzymes, which help the digestive process. "Cooking at 60 degrees Celsius or more kills the enzymes and lots of the nutrients."
Naturally, we do not eat raw meat. For safety we cook it; but we do not have to cook our fruit and most vegetables, and we should try as often as possible to eat these raw, and in sufficient quantity. Failing this we need to supplement with enzymes. Raw honey (6 months in the hive), or organic, naturally fermented vinegar, are good sources of enzymes but are not always easy to find.
   Look for rich sources of enzymes in your supplements.
   The natural action of enzymes is to break down food, fast. This means less work for your organs, faster metabolism, better health. Once our cells detoxify, in order to remain healthy, they need daily doses of nutrients from our supplements, our food, our drink and our air supply. These nutrients are delivered to all the cells by red blood cells. Normally, red blood cells die off in 90 – 120 days and are expelled via the spleen, kidney and stools.
   Fresh cells should be made in your bone marrow– 200 billion of them – every day! To do this, you need sufficient amounts of Chlorophyll, which you get from a sufficient daily diet of greens. If you don’t eat the greens, you don’t get the Chlorophyll, and you don’t get the new red cells. When this happens, your body has to use old cells, which must be re-cycled through the body systems, so are less effective in delivering nutrients...eventually you may have health problems as a result.
   How do you know the greens you buy are full of the right nutrients? "Read up on this." These days, with nutrient-deficient soils, Genetically Modified foods and poisonous sprays or fertilisers, many of them are not. Even if you can find good quality, can you eat enough? Are they too expensive? Once again, there are problems. The solution is to supplement, especially with chlorophyll and iron.     
   There are many products in your home that may actually be adversely affecting your health, due to the addition of colourings, flavourings, preservatives, chemicals or the sprays and fertilisers used in their production.
  You are responsible for what you eat, and for your own health. Chose Wisely! 

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